Upcoming Events

 SESALOH Spring Mid Winter Convention


8th - 10th March 2018

Black Bear Inn & Suites

Gatlinburg, Tn.

865-436-5656 ask for Shrine rates.

Hotel cutoff   15 Feb. 2018

Contact Harry Dunn for Registration Info:  615-419-3381


2016-2017 Officers

Commander                     Tom Felton,                                        El Katif

1st Lt. Commander           Unknown

2nd Lt. Commander         Lloyd Jones,                     PC             Gizeh

Adjutant                            Walt Bradshaw,               PC             El Katif

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2016-2017 Officers

Commander                 Harry Dunn                                  Al Menah

1st. LT. Commander     BobSilva                                      Al Menah

2nd. LT. Commander   Jim Marshall                                Yaarab

Finance Officer             Chuck Riggin                               Alee

Adjutant                        Dan Kitchens                               Al Sihah

Asst. Chief of Staff       John Robert Smith                      Yaarab  

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