Currently there is (1) Candidate for 8th Lt. Commander for the year 2018:

                                                          Russell A. Gray, P.C., P.S.C. El Jebel  Shrine

                        Letter of Endorsements   Potentate El Jebel Shrine    El Jebel Unit Support




Letter of Endorsement:             Potentate/Unit Karem / TALOH Support

2018 Candidates for IALOH Officer positions:

All Nobles who are members of IALOH Member Units and meet the stipulated requirements are invited to declare their candidacy for 8th International Lieutenant Commander or Adjutant.
The requirements to run for International office and the procedures to declare your candidacy are spelled out in Article IV, Section 1.(A) of the Association's bylaws.

               Currently there are (2) Candidates for Adjutant for theyears 2018-2020:

           David L. Smith, P.C. Arab Shrine

                        Letter of Endorsements   Potentate Arab Shrine    Arab Unit Support

                                                           Willaim W. Chicky, P.C., P.S.C. Karem Shrine